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Etat Libre D'Orange

Experimentum Crucis 100 ml

Eau de parfum Etat libre d'Orange Experimentum Crucis 100 ml format

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Experimentum Crucis 100 ml
Experimentum Crucis 100 ml Sale price€200,00
EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS OPEN A NEW SCENTED PATH, BEYOND LIGHT AND GRAVITY. A TRAIL AS POWERFUL AS GRAVITY, LIGHT AS LIGHT. FORGIVE US, NEWTON! Legend has it that Newton formulated the theory of universal gravitation after being woken up by an apple falling on his head... We had fun imagining that the scientist had instead dozed off in the shade of a rose garden: what if instead of the apple, had a rose fallen on his head? Universal attraction would definitely have been different! A huge, fleshy, full rose. Would he have smelled it, with his eyes closed and his face immersed in the heart of the flower? An eye-catching fragrance: a chypre! It is a direct and clear formula, like something that falls on you with a crash and never leaves you. An enveloping trail. Akigalawood and patchouli for a honey rose. Forgive us, Newton! Your crucial experiment demonstrated that colors are not characteristics of objects, but depend on light. Thanks to you we know that white light is made up of luminous radiation with rainbow shades. You also showed us that if we see a red object, it doesn't mean it's REALLY red. If it appears red to our visual perception it is because when we illuminate it with a white light source, for example the sun's rays, its surface absorbs all the colored light rays that constitute it, EXCEPT the red ones, which are reflected towards our eyes instead of be absorbed. So forgive us, Newton, for using your crucial experiment as a source of inspiration! The vigorous and radical force of our perfume, in fact, expresses in olfactory form the way in which your theory has revolutionized our vision of the world.

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